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Adelitas Way is on FIRE!

Adelitas Way is a Las Vegas based rock band that has skyrocketed through the ranks and charts in the last year. Their second studio release Home School Valedictorian hit music shelves earlier this summer and the first single “Sick” reached number one on the active rock charts in the US. They are currently on the Carnival of Madness Tour with Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, and Emphatic.

Amy spoke with front man Rick Dejesus prior to their show at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville. They discussed the band’s growing success and how he survived being set on fire during a video shoot. Adelitas Way will be performing in Dayton on September 18th at X-Fest.

Amy: I just wanted to start out by talking to you about the new album. Homeschool Valedictorian came out this summer. Can we look forward to seeing you perform new songs live. What songs are you going to be showing us today?

Rick: The number one thing about us live is we have a lot of energy and we really, really try to push it. Everything we write on the record we try to make it that much more exciting or bigger in our live performance. We play “Sick” off the new record. We play “Collapse.” We play “I Wanna Be.” That’s pretty much the new stuff we at the show. We also play some of our older songs so people who aren’t familiar with us and haven’t been following us get their taste of it. We play “Invincible.” We try to mix it up with new and old.

Amy: I know Tyler Connelly performs on your new album. Is he going to be coming out on stage with you today?

Rick: Not today but somewhere on tour it will definitely happen.

Amy: Maybe in Dayton we can look forward to that.

Rick: Exactly. Exactly.

Amy: I was listening to the new album this week. I remember seeing you guys live about a year and a half ago at Rock on the Range and I always liked the song “Invincible” but I really have to say that I am a lot more drawn to the new album and the songs that you have this time around. In the video “Sick” they set you on fire by accident didn’t they? Were there any scary moments when you filmed that video?

Rick: Oh yeah. I guess things aren’t exciting unless you get set on fire. I was definitely, I don’t want to say panicked, because I didn’t really get too afraid but it was an intense video. We were all trying to rock out and get our emotions into it. I guess I rocked out a little too hard and fire got me. It wasn’t fun. I had my hair, my eyebrows, my eyelids, all set on fire.

Amy: Well, we are all glad that you are ok and unharmed. Getting back to the new album again for a second, I guess my two favorite songs on the album were “Alive” and “Good Enough.” Could you tell me the story behind one or both of those songs?

Rick: I think they are both favorites of mine on the record. “Alive” is just about having someone in your life that makes you feel new again, that makes you feel great, they make you feel like you’re young and exciting. It is one of those feelings where you know there is something special about that person when you are around them. “Good Enough” is pretty much about how you can never win no matter what you do with some people. No matter how hard you try, you can get them a dozen roses or something nice, you try your hardest but it always falls short. It seems like you do something wrong.

Amy: You famously write songs about your personal experiences and the people you come across in your life. Do any of the people you have actually written the songs about know about it or know that they are for them?

Rick: Of course. A lot of them do know. I’d say almost every song that I write somebody knows it is about them. There is a line of people.

Amy: Some are good and some are bad I would say.

Rick: Exactly. Some are happy about it and some are pissed off at me.

Amy: You have toured over the past couple years with all the current best rock bands around with Theory of a Deadman, Sick Puppies, Shinedown, Halestorm. Is there really a dream tour you could put together to be out on the road with?

Rick: Probably Linkin Park.

Amy: Why?

Rick: I just love them. They are just a band growing up I listened to. Metallica, as well, those are two bands that inspired me a lot. I would love to play with them.

Amy: A lot has changed for you guys in the past year with the new album coming out. What has been the biggest change for you guys as a band?

Rick: A year and a half ago, we were so battling to get people to know who we were and driving around in a van and just really, really working towards getting our name out there. Now I feel like more people know who we are and we have come a long way from where we were. Now we are something people want to see.

Amy: What is the best and worst thing about being on the road all the time?

Rick: The worst thing is simply some of the food. Some of the food when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have your family. It is the worst. The best is you sleep late. You go out. We are all friends out here having a good time playing for the fans.

Amy: I know you are one of the married ones in the band. Does your wife ever join you on the road? Is it hard to be away? How do you keep your relationship strong?

Rick: I try not to be away. She comes out a lot. I try to get home between tours as much as possible. You try to do the best balancing act you can.

Amy: Well we look forward to seeing you.

Rick: We are going to throw down and have a good time.

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Rick DeJesus – Adelitas Way Interview ROTR

Interview: Rick DeJesus – Lead Vocals – Adelitas Way

Venue: Rock on the Range Columbus Crew Stadium

By: Amy Harris

Date: 5/22/2010

Adelitas Way is a hard rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada that broke into mainstream in 2009 with their song “Invincible”, which is the official theme song for WWE Superstars. The band was formed in 2005 in by lead vocalist Rick DeJesus, lead guitarist Chris Iorio and drummer Trevor Stafford. The second single off the Adelitas Way album, “Last Stand” was released on February 2, 2010 and they are currently on tour all summer to support their record.

I caught up with Rick DeJesus backstage at Rock on the Range to talk about the tour and discuss his writing process.

Amy: Who are you most excited to see here today?

Rick: I was very excited to see Skillet today. I am also really excited to see our boys in Papa Roach and the Deftones.

Amy: No exciting stories today?

Rick: I am the boring one of the bunch. I am the old married one in the group, so I don’t have too many exciting stories. The other guys probably have some by now.

Amy: Sometimes that doesn’t seem to matter.

Rick: To me it does.

Amy: You have been out on the road constantly since the release of your album last year.

Rick: Yes we are out on the road with Puddle of Mudd right now.

Amy: When you are on the road, what do you miss the most about home?

Rick: I miss my wife and my dogs. I am from Las Vegas. I miss my city. I miss my house. I miss my favorite restaurants. I wouldn’t trade this for the world though. I love what I do and playing music on the road. I love playing in front of the amazing fans. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We have had a dream year. We have been out touring with Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, and Sick Puppies just to name a few. It has been a dream year.

Amy: It seems like a fairy tale to live in Vegas.

Rick: Yes it is. I miss it. I love it. Best restaurants, Best clubs, Best people.

Amy: What is your favorite place to play when you are touring?

Rick: I always love San Diego. It is beautiful there. I always love going back to Knoxville and Nashville in Tennessee as well. Atlanta is always good. Touring you see so many amazing places.

Amy: Are you originally from Vegas?

Rick: No I am from Philly. We never go back there haha.

Amy: How long have you guys been together?

Rick: This group has been together for 2.5 years. I started doing this going on 6 years ago. I started this with me writing. Writing poems. Writing stuff.

Amy: You guys have the young one, Chris in the band correct?

Rick: No he is back in Vegas. The road is not made for everyone. Some people can live in a van. We drove in from Buffalo last night and played right away. We get no sleep. For some people the lifestyle catches up with them. We leave our family, our homes, our friends and you are out on the road in a different city every night. Some people when they get out here they realize it is not for them.

Amy: If you could have a song on “Guitar Hero” or “Rock Band” what would it be?

Rick: Our new single “Last stand.” It has the guitar anthem. I like it and it is a good song.

Amy: Where are you heading next?

Rick: North Dakota. We have a long drive but we are used to it. It is nothing new to us.

Amy: How did you get started in music?

Rick: I always liked writing and loved music. When I was 18 I snuck into a bar and played a couple of my songs and the response was great. It started there and I never looked back.

Amy: Was your family supportive?

Rick: Yes they have always been supportive.

Amy: If you weren’t a rock star what would you be doing?

Rick: I would probably be working with my father working running his heating and cooling refrigeration company back in Philly.

Amy: What is your writing process?

Rick: I am nuts. I come up with stuff all the time. I’ll be sitting over here mumbling and tapping away and the songs come together.  I write from a lot of personal feelings, so how I am feeling ends up coming out in the songs.

Amy: Any message to the fans?

Rick: We love you guys. We are out with Puddle of Mudd right now and Halestorm in July. Maybe a headliner tour in August, so come and check us out. We are working on a new album. Buy this one and buy the next one. Lzzy, “You are a Ninja!”

Check out Adelitas Way at: http://www.adelitaswaymusic.net/

I did not get to photograph the band myself, but my friend Ryan Buckler from Concert Connections sent me some photos from the day to supplement my coverage. Thanks Ryan!

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